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Nest Thermostats

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DISABLE Rush Hour!!

Recently my thermometer has displayed a yellow gear/leaf icon indicating it's in Rush Hour, and my house gets up 80 degrees before I notice how hot it is. Where I live, temps are usually 90°+ degrees (with feel-likes over 100°) in the summer. I never...

Only R and C wires? Will Nest work?

I only have R and C wires attached to my old thermostat. There are other wires, but they are not attached to anything. Will Nest work?? Thanks,

nmonnin by Community Member
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Reconnecting to wifi after being gone

We turned off our wifi as we were going to be gone for several months. I've turned the internet/wifi back on now but my thermostat doesn't appear to have reconnected. When we've turned it off to reboot the wifi at home, it automatically connects but ...

Jette by Community Member
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Not C wire. Cool mode is not showing

 First of all I really want to use the Nest thermostat even though my current thermostat does not have a C wire. I have read for you can use the G wire instead. I had a man come wire The thermostat with the G wire into the common wire and made the sa...

Rickbla by Community Member
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Nest 3rd generation won't stay charged

After owning my nest for several years my nest will not hold a charge and disconnects from the internet. I called in we have tried several things including filter on both air conditioner and furnace are clean. I am thinking the battery is just at the...

Savant - Nest Integration

Can Nest be controlled with a Savant Automation System?I don’t see Nest in the component library in Racepoint.Thanks,Takeitesea