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Error code 298

My nest thermostat keeps reading no power I have change the batteries breaker is on the The furnace is running I can’t get it to stop but my thermostat keeps saying no power I download the app on my home screen I removed it download it again I’m gonn...

Error 44 no power connected.

Hi, last night on my thermostat it shows error E44. now thermostat off automatically and not getting turn on and alao furnace not getting on.

Anand08 by Community Member
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smart thermostat

traveled from Boston to Florida can not connect app to thermostat

kevcos by Community Member
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Wiring for Nest Heat Link

The Heat Link stopped working and Google have replaced it using BOXT. It looks like the engineer has used the same wiring configuration as was there before but although the Heat Link is on it does not trigger the boiler or the pump so we have no hot ...

DavidB1 by Community Member
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How to remove a home from the app?

How do I remove a ‘Home’ profile from the nest app? I accidentally set up two homes I would like to delete one. It says to use the Google Home app, however it does not even sure those homes on the app. Can somebody advise me please?Many thanks

Nesty718 by Community Member
  • 8 replies
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Nest Heatlink completely dead.

After 2 years of working great my Nest Heatlink is completely dead. I checked the heatlink to try to manually switch the heating on, but the heatlink is completely dead. I have an European version and I inserted a microusb power adapter and I got the...

Resolved! Nest Learning thermostat doesn’t work in heat/cool

Used the thermostat for a year, no issues. Set to heat/cool, schedule set. Eco off. Home/away off. Just like a plain scheduled thermostat. We go on vacation, so I set it to Eco to save some money perhaps. We come back, change it back to normal, troub...

boaterva by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Nest thermostat 3rd gen, heat link replacement

Have had my Nest for just over 2 years ( I think ) and it suddenly stopped working. I've had my boiler engineer out who also installed it and was told that the heat link is faulty. The Nest has no power going into it and the app on my phone is showin...

Lambz by Community Member
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