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Nest Thermostats

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No Power to Rh but works with old thermostat

We have a boiler system. There are two wires only: Rh and W. We have window AC units. This shouldn’t be hard but for some reason when we tried to upgrade our Old thermostat to the new Nest one we kept getting an E74 error code then that stopped and w...

Dkacz by Community Member
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Nest thermostat wiring

My current heat pump wiring has the following wires: C, O, B, W/E, R, G & Y.My Nest thermostat has a spot for each wire except the O wire.It has OB. Where does the O (orange wire) go. I don't think both O and B will fit into the OB hole on the Nest t...

TSTMARY by Community Member
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I have entered the home address and zip code, but the t-stat time is off by 6 hours. It is connected to WI_FI. How can I correct this? If I go to Dat and Time, I only have the choice of 12 or 24 hour format.

Whwiechm by Community Member
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Historical Data

I recently added insulation to my home and I would like to measure the impact by comparing how many hours my unit ran last week/month/year with data from after the new insulation (discounting external factors). The service...

Biped by Community Member
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What what generation of nest do I have?

I’m getting a Manuel cause I have a few questions but I need to know what generation. I have model and serial number model number but still csntfinf that information. Can I get some help? Please!!!

Liliy1171 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat wont unlock

I have had my nest 3 years, always same password, yesterday when punching in 4 digits it said wrong password.Don't know what to do...

Fleury by Community Member
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Thermostat offline

My thermostat quite regularly shows as offline in the Nest/Google Home app. When I check the thermostat I can see the "Last Cloud Comm. time" matches the time the thermostat went offline. The ping time also matches the time since the thermostat went ...