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Forum Posts

Unable to link new thermostat to existing heat link

I have had to replace a faulty learning thermostat with a new one. I cannot get it to connect to the existing heat link. I’ve tried everything, the thermostat is next to the heat link and I’ve also inputted the pairing code but it will not connect. H...

Resolved! Unknown Nest thermostat passcode from previous owners

Previous owners installed a Nest thermostat. Have no record of the passcode, which it demands when touched. Googling says to click on Settings in thermostat display on wall. Settings do not appear. How do I reset passcode so I can control temperature...

cath1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Are Gen 3 baseplates interchangeable?

Hi there! BackgroundIm trying to move my Gen 3 Learning thermostat to a new location, but want to leave the existing baseplate where it is (I'm worried about my ability to leave the exposed wires safe if I remove the baseplate). So instead, I'm think...

can i add a 2nd nest thermostat to my system and how?

I have a next thermostat in the hallway but have underfloor heating downstairs which makes the temperature in the hallway higher than upstairs. Can i buy anything to link to the current thermostat in the hallway / boiler so the boiler turns on to war...

mubz by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat E won't turn on.

Hi. I have been sent a Nest Thermostat E (A0132) with heat link (A0131). I have both Google home and Nest apps. During set up the Thermostat (A0132) portion of the device will not power on, no icons on screen or lights. It is a solid state power cabl...

JBrock102 by Community Member
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