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Nest Thermostats

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Nest has no cool option.

My cool option on my nest has disappeared. It used to be there and now I only have heat. I have reset the HVAC system, I have checked the wires, and the wiring setup on the app is detecting the wire. How do I get the cool option back?

Thermostat behaving strangely

This past week one of our 2 Nest e thermostats has started shifting between the temperature readout and the menu every few minutes. I have no explanation for why. We put new batteries in it and tried resetting it but it still continues to do this int...

Compatibility to Thermotron Thermostat

See attached pic:In compatibility checker it states I need support. Not sure how to wire to nest. Appreciate any helpI have starting clockwise on picture: G, O, X2, B, W, U, R, T, Y. W and U have a soldered bridge. My understanding is X2 is for Emerg...

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TonyJ777 by Community Member
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Still able to manually change temp on locked nest.

I have been testing the Locked nest feature but noticed you're still able to change the temp manually even if it's locked. Isn't the feature supposed to prevent any kind of manual temp change? I set it between the ranges and I'm still able to change ...

Chibi by Community Member
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Thermostat wiring diagram confirmation needed please!

Hi! I need help with the wiring in my Nest thermostat 4th gen.I have four cables:Brown: 24v live (connected to C)White: 24v neutral (connected to R)Red: these are the cables from the gas boiler relay, if the close the circuit the boiler will start (c...

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Aradom by Community Member
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Nest Temperature Sensor with latest Nest Thermostat

Hi! I have the latest Nest Thermostat and I added it using the Google Home app (Nest app redirected me there) but when I try to set up the Nest Temperature Sensor I'm being redirected to the Nest app where I can't add this sensor because I get a mess...

Aradom by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat

Help setting up setting button has exclamation point does nothing when I push it

JDrury by Community Member
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