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Nest Thermostat won't turn on the AC

My NEST thermostats, Model T4001ES. SN: 15AA01AF25190KPZjust stopped working when in the AC mode. It cycles from On to OFF repeatedly. AND the top light is ORANGE. Can't find anything in the forums on this, so I am asking if this has been a problem f...

Weird cycling issue - details inside

Heating works ok but will randomly hear the boiler shut off then turn back on quickly. I have no idea what the issue is, I can't find anything related or anyone else experiencing this. It happens with all 3 Nest E thermostats I have on each zone.Each...

blink3100 by Community Member
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Nest Account owner

I have a Nest thermostat and my tenants are the current account owners (out of state). They are moving out and I need to remove them and set myself up as the account owner when I arrive to check them out of the house. ThanksBrad

BradWilks by Community Member
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Heat Link

Hi,out of nowhere my Heat link has stopped working and I can’t connect my thermostat. H71 error message. No lights are showing on the heat link.I have checked power connections to the boiler etc which are all fine.I have held down the button on the h...

Feature Request

As in many homes, when the lower level calls for heat the upper level will often overheat, sometimes by 10ºF or more. This is very uncomfortable and causes excess fuel consumption. It would be very useful if the thermostat would simply turn on the fa...

dth0909 by Community Member
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