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Nest Thermostats

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w5 Error Persisting

I have been fighting the w5 error on my thermostat for months. I have had to reset it daily, as it refuses to stay connected to my network. I am very frustrated with this device. Does anyone know how I can fix this? I have followed Google's protocol ...

JRatcliff by Community Member
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Google nest thermostat compatibility

I am looking to upgrade my current thermostat to a Google Nest and am checking for wire compatibility. My current thermostat is a battery operated Honeywell DT90. When removed I have a circuit boardA x B y Cwith a wire going into A and one into B. I ...

Sam92 by Community Member
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Post Migration Issue logging in

I was forced to migrate from my Nest login (which I've had for several years) to Google login. Now when I try to actually log in from the Google Home App, it says that I can't access with my G-Suite account. Which is the only one I have. So I now can...

Rwell by Community Member
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No C Wire

Replaced an older Honeywell stat with an E Nest. Only two wires in wall, a W and a R, no C wire. Went ahead anyway and installed the stat. It seems to work fine, but loses the WiFi connection from time to time. I check the Nest app on my phone couple...

adamemma by Community Member
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Switching heating on

Hi, I've had my nest installed for a little over a year and it's been great, until a few days ago when the heating stopped responding to the thermostat or the app. Hot water switches on fine from the stat and the app still. The only way I can get the...

Nest thermostat won’t connect.

Hope someone can help, we have a 2nd generation Nest and it just won’t connect keep coming up with code H1 and we’ve tried all the steps including factory reset, now we have to go out to the garage to turn our heating on, is it time for a new one ?

Lala1975 by Community Member
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Buy a new nest heat link

Hi All, I hope someone can help. We had Nest thermostat installed in our previous property. When moving house we read online we had to take our Nest Thermostat control dial with us, so we did (we didn't take the Heat Link as it was wired in by a prof...

Meben by Community Member
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