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Nest not working

How do I get to speak to someone? Thermostat not working from app and have tried resetting thermostat - now nothing working and it’s cold!

Ro by Community Member
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Thermostat battery keeps losing power

I had my thermostat for three months, it worked with no issuesIn the past couple of days the thermostat go blank with a blinking red lightI have to take the front of the thermostat off and charge the unitIt charge works for awhile then dies and has t...

atooth by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Broken Heat Link

I have a 3rd generation thermostat installed, however the heat link now has no lights showing and all trouble shooting tips for this have been followed.It was installed august 2020 and has worked perfectly until 1 week ago. I have another 3rd gen the...

louise24 by Community Member
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Heal Link is dead

Since few weeks (Ealy August) my Heat link is not working however I've noticed just 3 days ago when we came home. Here is the detail What type of Nest thermostat do you have? 3rd generation When was it installed? - - > Feb 2020Did the issue happen du...

Cornaz3g by Community Member
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Nest learning thermostat.

I have three of these same thermostats and two haven’t given me any problems. However, one of them has refused to connect to internet for a couple months. And it’s driving me insane. I have tried every troubleshooting tip available on line, and i con...

Bouchie18 by Community Member
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Wiring check with

I am trying to verify if my existing thermostat will be compatible with a nest thermostat. I have added a photo. Thanks for your help!