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Nest Thermostats

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Nest learning thermostat

Hello , I installed two nest learning thermostat s , I have two zones so one for each zone . The first one we did we connected successfully . However the second one won’t connect to the app .. not sure what I’m doing wrong . It asks for the codes I e...

Henry87 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat (C) wire N260 error

Purchased 3 Nest Thermostats and they are compatible with my HVAC system.I'm having the N260 issue with 2 of the thermostats...stating that the Common (C) wire is needed.The 3rd is good and have no error indication.Why does 2 of the 3 require the (C)...

WLF by Community Member
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Heatlink not working

Hi there, my nest heatlink is not working, doesn't matter how it is connected - to 230V or 12V it does not power up. It's new, bought it in October and just now installed it.Have read that this happens often. How can I get replaced?

Tatjana by Community Member
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Suggestions to make the incompatible with G4CVZ compatible?

My current thermostat has wires in the G, W, C, Y, R and Rc slots. See picture. My system contains both a boiler and A/C.There are two green wires, with one labeled "FROM BOILER" going to C. There is one red wire going to R and a blue wire going to R...

noIdea by Community Member
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How Long Does it take

How long does it take for the nest to say that I am away and turn the heat down, and is that something I can select a time period for? In other words, I would prefer that the Nest NOT change temperature if I am only away for an hour or two.

Install failed looking for assisting device

Both an existing thermostat and a new nest cam outdoor (battery) will no get past the looking for assisting device….ha, to help connect faster……lol….I have 4 nest thermostats, and one nest cam. Was trying to add a new outdoor cam when the problems st...

Remote Temp sensor offline

Recently purchased a temperature sensor for my thermostat. Was able to get it connected and added to my account without issue. A few days later (haven't even had it a month yet), It just went offline. I've replaced the battery, and I've moved it to t...

Brandonk13 by Community Member
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