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Nest Thermostats

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Support for an electric immersion heater

We have a 2nd generation Nest thermostat that currently controls a gas boiler for room and hot water heating. Rising costs for gas means it may be cheaper to use an electric immersion heater pre-installed in our hot water tank. Is there a way that ou...

MarkTewk by Community Member
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Help installing Nest Gen 3 in condo

Cannot figure out how to wire my Nest in my condo. I believe I have a 24V fan coil unit. Attached is a picture of the prior thermostat wiring. Appreciate any help!

Daltman by Community Member
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Nest Delay for 3mins

I''m having an issue on cooling where the Nest goes to delayed for 3mins then turn back on during temp change on my schedule. Temp does not rise high enough to turn off. Nest temp does not reach room temp but AC is turning off during peak hot part of...

dware22 by Community Member
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Away/Home assist not starting routes

Hello,I know there are many posts on this topic, but I still need some help!Devices: iPhone 12, latest OSNest 3rd Gen (maybe), latest OSApps: Google Home and NestConfiguration: Location settings on for Google Home and Nest, set to Always. Background ...

Password incorrect

Both of my nest thermostats continue to say Wi-Fi password incorrect. The password is correct and all my other devices were perfectly. I have restarted the thermostats. I have restarted the router. Continues to say password incorrect

SeanSelf66 by Community Member
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Heating comes on when Nest says its off

My Nest Thermostat says my heating is off but it keeps coming on. I have thermostatic radiator valves as well as the Nest Thermostat Google Nest 3rd Gen Wireless Heating & Hot Water Smart Thermostat Does anyone know if it is compatible to have radiat...

Heat Link

Our heat link has just stopped working . No lights nothing . We have no heating . I’ve tried all the remedies but this crap piece of kit is not responding . Help please.

2 pipe fan coil system

Greetings, looking to transition from an analog thermostat on a 2 pipe fan coil system with high/low fan settings and wondering how to wire in the nest thermostat since I don't have a previous digital system to mimic. C-wire would be installed. Pictu...

Kylep2122 by Community Member
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lost WIFI connection after 8 months and can't find networks.

Installed thermostat on 12/26/2021 and has been working great until 8/11/2022. Now it won't even find the network and I've tried to reboot router several times along with resetting the thermostat and still nothing. Hopefully Google will replace it. O...

Rodman by Community Member
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