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Nest Thermostats

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C-wire issue

Yesterday, when I install nest thermostat, i had no issue.but this morning i received email from nest saying “nest thermostat isn’t receiving sufficient power” even though i installed c-wire no there any solution for this issue? Or do you ...

Su by Community Member
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Can’t connect my thermostat with Iphone

I was a strong supporter of Google products (have chrome cast, cameras) but I will have to unfortunately return the Google nest thermostat i just bought. Spent 3 days trying to troubleshoot (even called the suppprt team and they can’t help me!). I ca...

Vickie by Community Member
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Nest thermostat 3rd gen

Weirdly recently my next thermostat has started to go offline randomly and won’t even notify me that it is offline. Sometimes after a week sometimes after 2 months and sometimes after 3-4 months

Guri by Community Member
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Nest app offline

Nest app shows the thermostat is offline, and I cannot adjust from my phone. I walk up to the thermostat and everything seems to be working fine, connectivity etc. Yesterday for some reason my ac compressor was running at the same time as my heat, ho...

Ryguy1 by Community Member
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Access on iPhone app

I setup the thermostat and my app on iPhone but now I am not able to login as I charged my iPhone. I don’t remember the email under which I registered so wanted to check if there is any way to connect back to my account using the thermostat or qrcode...

Ajaykaul by Community Member
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Nest power connector can't find wires

I'm trying to find where to connect my nest power connector and can't find the wires to use it. My unit is fem4x2400cl And I've attached pics of where the wires are. I can't figure out which wires I need to connect. Wouldnt let me upload - so here th...

Nest Thermostat Display TOO dim

I just installed a Nest Thermostat.Display is TOO dim. how to change brightness for display?I can find no setting in the Google Home app or in Settings on the thermostat itself.

olga10305 by Community Member
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Thermostat keeps turning itself up

The thermostat keeps turning itself up to 73 degrees. Thats to warm for us. I’ve turned of the learning ability, but it won’t stop turning itself up. How can this be stopped.

Rsgriner by Community Member
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