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Nest Thermostats

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Nest Compatability

Is my system compatible? Not all wires are listed on compatibility checker. I have wires connected directly to A, O/B, Y, G, C, with a jumper between A and A/C.

Flocycle by Community Member
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shutting off safety mode

I have a house down the shore that is winterized (water and electric baseboard heat shut off). My Nest thermostat (which only control my central air) has recently turned on to safety mode (orange) and the fan is running continuously. The temperature ...

JTM24 by Community Member
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Hello, I set a 4 digit pin to my thermostat and I forgot it, also I lose the wifi connection so I can’t use my app to unlock, my family is freezing 略 how I can do, not phone number to call, please help ….!

Garfield1 by Community Member
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AWAY feature works erratically

I recently changed phones ( Galaxy S8 plus to Galaxy S20 plus) and ever since, the AWAY function on our Learning Thermostat only works sometimes. At least once and sometimes twice a week, I will go to a nearby city 20 miles away. The last time I went...

kwisecar by Community Member
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Nest Thermostate

Thermostate installed working great but can't add to my Google Home App or my Nest App.I'm tired of resetting each time it fails. Have been thru the troubleshooting list. And nothing has worked. I have other Nest and Google products that are all conn...

Mirolla by Community Member
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No light on heat link

I have no light on heat link and display showing error H72. We had it more then a year working fine and yesterday night it stops. We had no power cuts no other electrical issues in the house. We tried to switch boiler on and off and all electricity a...

LEEDS-UK by Community Member
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Nest : please attach to base

I have had my nest for a year but this winter it is not working. It randomly states please attach to base and will shut down to save energy at random times. In the middle of the night it some how got detached from the base and i woke up to 50F while ...

Alexis22 by Community Member
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Is Nest still learning ?

I originally setup the schedule to come on at a certain time and off at certain time. I noticed that Nest would modify the schedule and put in what it was changing temp to and any user inputs. However, I thought I was over controlling it so deleted t...