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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Resolved! Nest camera nc004 wifi problem

Spend 3 evenings trying to resolve error code NC004, every time I try and connect it to my app (nest and google home) it doesn't work.Steps Taken to try and resolve this:-Restarted my RouterFactory Reset my DoorbellDeleted and reinstalled the app“For...

HerbertC by Community Member
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Nest aware plus clarification

Hi, I'm looking to install multiple nest cameras indoors and utilize nest aware plus for the 10 day 24/7 video monitoring. I have the following questions regarding the functionality and use of nest aware plus.Is the 10 day 24/7 video recording able t...

Nest doorbell

I installed my new nest wired doorbell to my wife’s phone without any problems. But I can not connect it to my phone. I have checked the Wi-Fi, turned my phone and airplane mode off and on. Had no problems in my old house.

Cclarkin by Community Member
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Not able to hear sound

Just this week I have noticed that my app does not have sound. I tried to talk into it today to someone outside and they could hear me but I couldn't hear them. I checked the microphone status on the app and my phone and all is good. How can I fix th...

Camera Missing Vital Avtivity

I have the plan where I can only view past history for 10 days and only when the camera has picked up activity (if there is no activity, there is just a blank area with nothing at all to see). Here is my issue - on the current recorded view (daytime)...

You can't view NEST CAM footage history via web browser. Why?

You can't view NEST CAM footage history via web browser only app, only live. Why? Is it planned? Almost 2 years now... viewing footage on the Google Home app on your phone is good....but many times screen is way too small for getting what you need an...

JPS23 by Community Member
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