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Cameras and Doorbells

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New updates to Google Home for camera users: new AI image detection, requested f... Read more

Nest Cam Outdoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out into Public Preview for ... Read more

Nest Cam Indoor (1st gen) expanded support rolling out in the Public Preview of ... Read more

Forum Posts

GSuite Does NOT work with Google Home or New Cameras!

Potential Buyers Beware! Newer Camera Products from Google/Nest DO NOT work with GSuite or Google Workspace accounts. Called support and they confirm, refuse to assist, refuse to refund money.The newer cameras also will not register/work on the older...

KrisK by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Resolved! Nest inddoor/outoor cam

Hi, Trying to set up the google nest cam indoor outdoor, after scanning qr code and asking have I other nest products on my home network (which I don't, and answer no to) it displays "problem connecting to the cloud" error. Has anyone had this issue ...

Nest IQ Login ID

My Nest IQ camera uses my Google Account email id and password to login to the camera. This means I have two items using the same password. I would like to change that so a unique password is used for my Google account and a different password for th...

pinch9 by Community Member
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Nest just lets random people figure out the problem and they don’t respond?

Nottoday by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Cameras stopped recording events

Cameras stopped recording events usually they record 8 to 9 seconds and I can go back and review them. I only get still shots. How do I get them back online.

Jaward1 by Community Member
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Free Nest CAM IQ / Doorstop!

It doesn't work. But maybe you can use it as a door stop? Or a conversation piece?Anyway, I had it 13 months or so, and it was a second replacement for the original one that didn't last a week.

Bird chirp trigger

I have a very odd issue. I have 3 Nest Cam batteries set up around my home, and scrolling through the history, a good half of the videos start at the *exact* time a bird chirps. It will detect people, but by the time the clip starts, they will be hal...

BasG by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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