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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Bird chirp trigger

I have a very odd issue. I have 3 Nest Cam batteries set up around my home, and scrolling through the history, a good half of the videos start at the *exact* time a bird chirps. It will detect people, but by the time the clip starts, they will be hal...

BasG by Community Member
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Replacement wire

I spoke with google and they are unable to provide me with a replacement cable, due to it no longer being under warranty. Fine. However, they cannot tell me where or how to buy a replacement. They quite literally told me to go ask anyone at any store...

Teena by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Set up issues

Once I get to the set up point where it is supposed to populate the last four of the serial number, nothing ever pops up. Tried setting up with multiple phones and computers and have the same issue. Any help??

tss1019 by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Wired

Hi. My Wired Doorbell keeps picking up motion outside of my motion zone. I have the everything unchecked for "Outside of a Zone", and yet it picks up every car that drives by my house. How do I make this stop?

Recording on demand?

My neighbor's dogs have become a real issue with their constant barking. With the Next Cam and Floodlight, can you start recording on demand? Say I hear the dogs and want to get it on video - will I be able to use the app on my phone to start recordi...

Nest doorbell reporting offline but is connected

I installed my nest doorbell a week ago and it has been working OK until today.I recieved a notification to say it is offline and I cannot access the camera from the app.When I went to check the camera it detected my presence and sent a notification ...

PandaNest by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Nest cam pro set up

I cannot find any instructions to set up nest cam pro other than what is in the box and that does not work. Camera is not automatically appearing to add device and there is no QR code to scan. Directions for drop cam say to enter setup code but when ...

Schedules and notifications

I have set a schedule to turn my cameras off during the day, I have also set up to have the cameras turn on when I am 'away'. If I were to leave during the day while the cameras are scheduled to be off will the 'away' feature override the schedule an...

WikdLulu by Community Member
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Missing videos from nest history

I have a current nest aware subscription and I'm missing all videos from the last few weeks. There were over 10 videos recorded today and one video from 20 minutes ago and they are all gone. Please assist

KateS by Community Member
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