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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Nest doorbell notifications not showing preview

I have a nest doorbell battery version that is hard wired so I don't need to charge it. I used to get a preview video as part of my notifications but now only get a text message and it opens the app when selected. My internal camera still sends video...

Unable to connect to Google assistants

We installed our Best doorbell at the weekend and we're hoping that it would notify us through our various Google devices when the doorbell rings. I can get push notifications from the doorbell but it doesn't seem to link up with the Google home assi...

Thumbnail and notifications doesn't work

Events record fine and live video works well!Thumbnails don't show an image? And notifications don't come through (ignore this for now! I've tried every troubleshooting step ever, it's clearly caused by the same issue as the thumbnails, but not resol...

SamGray by Community Member
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Nest Camera died?

Hi,I was resetting my Nest Camera to factory setting. At first, even after pushing the reset button at the back, the green light stayed on. Afterward the light just went out. I tried to reconnect the camera power, it started with white blinking light...

Connected to Another Account Error

In an attempt to make my new Nest doorbell operational, I deleted my Nest app and downloaded it again after many hours of other options. Unfortunately I did not disconnect my various Nest products (thermostat, cameras) from the previous app beforehan...

Jimi by Community Member
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Camera stoped working and now stuck on 4 digits

Hi, doorbell camera stoped working so decided to rest it and now can't add it back 路‍ can't get pass 4 digits SN on the Nest app ! Can't use Home app as it's redirecting to Nest app .. tried numerous times and just not showing any serials numbers 路‍....

MarianN by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell won’t activate indoor chime

Nest door bell had been working for over a year until I switched the On/Off switch in the app to turn off the indoor chime. When I switched it back on it would no longer work. Has anyone had any problems with the little relay that gets plugged in on ...

Duffman87 by Community Member
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Video stopped working on doorbell

My video stopped working on my Nest doorbell. Any idea how to fix that? I have no idea if it has a battery or not. It still rings fine and the blue ring is lit. Thank you.

Resolved! New camera not showing up in nest aware app

I just added an indoor camera (wireless), and it doesn’t show up in my nest aware app. I can only see it if I go to google home. How can I get it included in my nest subscription?

Garden001 by Community Member
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