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Update: New Alexa Skill Introduced for Google Nest Cameras & Doorbell Read more

Comparing the new 2nd generation Nest Cam (indoor, wired) to its predecessor, Ne... Read more

Get into the Halloween spirit with new ringtones for Nest Doorbells and more! Read more

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Cold weather concerns with Nest Doorbell Battery Read more

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Doorbell won’t like up anymore

Got a wired Nest Doorbell for Christmas in 2019. It has worked fine until yesterday when it didn’t restart after a power outage. Checked power to doorbell and it’s fine and pushed reset button for 10 seconds and camera doesn’t light up at all. Any su...

StaceyJ by Community Member
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Trying to move closer to your Nest Doorbell/Outdoor camera

I have been trying for the last few days to just reactivate my cameras , as I have changed Wi Fi providers , I have tried factory reseting them, moving them closer to the phone and wi fi , I have also tried numerous times different options I am going...

Andrei by Community Member
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Familiar Face not available in Nest Aware

Hi, Newbie question, sorry! I've got a Google Nest Cam Outdoor and an active Nest Aware subscription - I can view the nest aware features but cant get familiar faces to work. We've got the same set up at work and the familiar faces work there, am I m...

jboult_23 by Community Member
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best smart home app ?

its very frustrating ..i currently have google hub,chromecast tv ,learning thermostat,phillips hub 8 bulbs 4 are differnt brand segnfield outdoor nest cam battery,wyze cameras ,and 3 smart tvs .i use google home on ipad air 2 and a iphone 11 i hate h...

Cspate73 by Community Member
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Nest alerts settings

I’m wondering if it’s possible to only receive alerts between certain hours by adjusting settings. I want to check when certain people arrive first thing in morning and leave in the evening not everytime they come go during the day.

Holtypete by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Resolved! Create your own event.

Hi, I can download "events" but how do I download say a section of footage that hasn't been flagged as an event. ? My nest cams are brand new and updated also they are hardwired and I have nest plus for the continual 10 day recording.. is there an op...

Johnsy by Community Member
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Resolved! Want to change wifi for nest doorbell

My "new" Nest Doorbell (not "Hello" version) isn't listed among product choices. Mine is wired (not battery). I set doorbell up in Google Home, and now I need to connect to a different wifi (router change). Doorbell itself won't move. I (stupidly) st...

red lights on nest camera

I recharged the camera today as I've done several times before. This time when I remounted it there were 6 red lights, 3 on each side. The camera still worked and I can't find anything to tell me what these lights mean.

pjmalody by Community Member
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