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Cameras and Doorbells

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Nest Doorbell

I recently purchased a home that had a Google Nest doorbell already installed. When I try to link it to my app, it tells me the doorbell is already linked to someone's account. I contacted the previous owner and she's unable to remove the doorbell fr...

cml1962 by Community Member
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No Contact from Google Support regarding Return

Hello. I'm making a post here because Google Support is unresponsive.The Google Nest Doorbell I'm using is unable to connect to wifi, even when it's right next to the router. There are other Google Nest devices that can connect just fine, and the dev...

chrisbt by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Chime connector

I had two Nest Doorbell (1st Gen). When it got cold there was a lot of buzzing coming from the doorbell. The buzzing would continue to get worse and eventually the doorbell would ring repeatedly until I got up and disconnected them. I talked with Cus...

leghorn96 by Community Member
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Adding a used camera to my Google Nest account.

Hi there I purchased a property that had a Google nest indoor camera already in the main room. I added that camera to my Google nest account. My concern is that the previous owner of the camera has access to that camera and the speaker. How do I ensu...

Gijane by Community Member
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Doorbell notification

Just got my doorbell yesterday and I keep having issues. I am definitely going back to my Ring!1. Hate that visitor announcements go to all in house speakers, no customization of what speakers you want to use. Very annoying. 2. No distinctive phone n...

Misstgc by Community Member
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Nest Camera stuck on Zoom

Hello,My nest camera seems to be stuck on zoom. I read previous forums stating the enhanced zoom option may have been selected; however, I do not see that option on my end. I am viewing through my iPhone and cannot get the camera to un-zoom. I’d appr...

Announcements in all speakers!! WHY??!!!

Hi,How can I remove some speakers from announcing visitors? I spent an hour on the phone with google, deleted and reinstalled my doorbell and I still cannot get it to only announce on 1 speaker only.I have 10 speakers around my entire house, I want t...

Misstgc by Community Member
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