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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Motion sensing outside activity zone

I have one activity zone that totally excludes the street. Notifications for anything outside that zone are turned off. Nevertheless, every passing vehicle triggers a notification. What am I missing?

Jednick by Community Member
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About to return a google nestcam max and doorbell

Not happy with the set up of a couple of nest cams and a doorbell. I have tried the solutions on here but can only get one camera working at a time. I cannot add another nest cam or door bell to my 'home' I should not have to set up multiple homes to...

Re-Pete by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Live video takes a long time to load

Hello,When I open the Google Home app to view live stream from the doorbell, it takes about 10 seconds for the video to appear. The screen shows that it is “connecting”. How can I reduce this delay?The same happens when I get a doorbell notification ...

Nest Hello not booting up properly

Hi, I am trying to install a Nest Hello wired video doorbell. The doorbell is wired to an 18V video doorbell specific supply. It powers on and the blue light pulses a number of times then it turns off and the small green LED flashes and the whole pro...

rhume by Community Member
  • 35 replies
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Talk/listen not going both ways on iPhone 11

I just installed my Nest Doorbell (battery). The picture is great, the sound coming from the doorbell to my iPhone 11 Max Pro is great, but there's no sound going from my phone to the doorbell! I have the audio for my phone set on Max in the Google H...