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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Moving nest camera

Moved from one location to another location on different network. Cancelled the home but keep saying the camera connected to another owner and must be disconnected. I’m the owner and do not have access to the previous internet that it was connected t...

Customer Service WOES

I have never been so frustrated with Google in all my life - I have tried 7 times now to get a hold of Google Nest Support in Australia. Everytime I call or chat and reach an Australian (asia-pacifc) agent they cant help and transfer me to the US. Th...

Bowey by Community Member
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Doorbell (battery) not turning off

Have had my doorbell for a week and can no longer turn the camera off from the app. Was working for a few days. Still has WiFi connection as I can see live video and it records events. When I try to turn off camera from app I ge the white wheel of de...

Gez by Community Member
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Door bell peeling

Hello , I had the issue with the doorbell peeling , spoke to somebody 3-4 months ago , issue the shipping label and I’m still waiting for my replacement , I have called many times and still waiting for another department to confirm that you guys have...

door bell doesn't stay On

I have a subscription so why do I have such a lousy service? I must turn On the doorbell camera 8 - 10 a day.My neighbor has ring and does not have any problems like that.

narciss by Community Member
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Nest camera with battery setup

I bought this camera in Costco. It’s rated for both indoor and outdoor. When I am setting up the camera on the google home app, I am being asked if the camera will be placed indoor or outdoor. Why is this important? Is it for optimization purposes? L...

Martincsk by Community Member
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