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Cameras and Doorbells

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Forum Posts

Doorbell battery will not factory reset

We have a nest doorbell (battery) that has been working fine for 15 months. Girlfriend loves the product - would never go back to a regular doorbell!However we moved wifi networks/google setup and to change settings we would like to do a factory rese...

Nest cam indoor wired 2nd generation

I have a new nest cam indoor wited 2nd generation camera I I can’t get it to show up in my nest app with my other cameras. It only shows on google home. Why?

DaveR11 by Community Member
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No previous doorbell but trying to use Nest

A friend of mine purchased a Nest Hello (doorbell). He had no type of doorbell previously. A licensed electrician bought and installed a doorbell transformer using the specfied voltage. Will the Nest Hello work this way? He is planning on using a Goo...

paulconti by Community Member
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Specific Cameras Dropping Connectivity

For the past week, three of my cameras keep dropping Wifi. The amount of time that it stays off is completely random. It's pretty frustrating as I've tried all troubleshooting minus factory data reset. The cameras, (3 out of eight) Are all plugged in...

Kcmp by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Alternative Nest doorbell wireless app?

We bought a Nest battery doorbell in July. The motion sensing does not work, no notifications of movement, but it shows on the events once in a while. Is there another app I can use for it since the Home app doesn't work? It appears to be a common pr...

BrianSco by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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"Spaces" used to work...

After resetting everything and reinstalling app,turns out its the "spaces" option to view my cameras...It no longer works when on...only gives me the blue spinning update circle...but when off it will show me icons of locations,allowing me to select....

zero13 by Community Member
  • 46 replies
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Nest Camera Won't Add to Home Account

We just had our internet speed updated and when I went to reconnect to the Google Home app, my device will not add to the account. The green light is on as though everything is working, but I keep getting the error, "something went wrong" during setu...

Resolved! Position of camera

My mom has dimentia and my dad and I are considering adding (2) cameras with flloodlights for the exterior. The position would be under the eaves. Will these cameras adjust for that type of mount?

jonzy63 by Community Member
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Vehicle notifications outside of specified zones

I have recently started getting notifications from my camera for every car that drives by on the street. I have three specified zones set up for the driveway, the front step, and the front yard and this has not been an issue since I installed the cam...

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