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Nest Hello door bell falling a part

Hi all,I’ve tried to get in touch with google about my couple year old door bell that’s peeling all over but they told me it’s out of warranty so they won’t help..Anyone know a way to fix these at all? Seems pretty ridiculous for couple year product....


Nest Hello is peeling

Hello, Like many others, my Nest Hello started to peel. Will it be possible to get a replacement? Will I need to still be under warranty? thank you!

Cannot Save Clips from 24/7 Recording

Does Google plan to allow saving of clips from the 24/7 video history? If so, when can we look forward to this feature?Before I get the canned answer of "You can download saved "Events", I already know that. What I want is to be able to save clips th...

d_j by Community Member
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Nest Camera Outdoor/Indoor ranged plugged in vs battery

I'd like to provide feedback on the camera range. I think I found a thread about this before but cna't seem to locate it. Google, please fix the range of the battery version of the nest outdoor/indoor camera. I have a camera in my garage. As soon as ...

Doorbell delete videos individually

I have the wired door bell. To not be able to swipe and delete each video is a huge let down, Google. Also, Nest and Google home don’t talk to each other. So clunky! Eg. if I delete my video history in Nest, it doesn’t sync with Google Home. Huge mis...

Chathelp by Community Member
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Google Nest Hello peeling / cracking

Good afternoon,I am, unfortunately, writing/reaching out due to the fact that the outside layer of our Nest Hello Doorbell (wired) is beginning to peel, crack, and bubble.The doorbell is protected from the elements and weather within our front porch....

EH1 by Community Member
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Resolved! How to disable enhance zoom

My doorbell camera's zoom function is stuck in enhance. I'm trying to disable it. When I tap on the screen, it's not showing me the option to take it off.