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Looking at getting a wired nest door bell. I have pulled the door bell button outside my door and get a voltage of 28.3vac.Wondering if a wired system exists for this?Not really wanting a battery system. Like the constant viewing the wire has to offe...

Charger92 by Community Member
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Google Nest Doorbell Peeling

I have had my Nest Hello Doorbell for a couple of years, and it has performed flawlessly. I have noticed a bit of peeling in May 2021, and since then it has been peeling even more. I've read some comments they seem to imply that it is a design flaw, ...

Conradwh by Community Member
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I'm trying reinstall my video doorbell on the app but it's not finding it says when u see blue line hit next but u can't really see blue

mcnavril by Community Member
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Hard-wired Outdoor Cameras

If I purchase the original hardwired outdoor cameras (it seems like a few places still sell them), can I still connect them into my Nest app? Or will I have an issue connecting any new cameras and still have to switch to the Google Home app?

kasssss1 by Community Member
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Can't view motion clip

Hi, My Nest Aware subscription recently stopped and now I am unable to view anything. I will see screenshots of motion activity within 24 hours, but when I click on it, it just shows a gray picture. I have already tried updating the app and that does...

amyboland by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest wired doorbell stopped working (not ringing indoor chime)

I just installed it a day ago. it worked. Now it doesn't. The indoor chime still works ( I tested it by removing nest wires and next doorbell and touching outdoor wires together). I discovered that on the nest app the "indoor chimes on/off" slider wa...

YGK by Community Member
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Missing Screws

I purchased wired video doorbell from Home Depot on Saturday and immediately began the installation. It wasn't until near the end that I realize that the two small screws that hold the wires against the doorbell were missing. Called HD and was told t...

GDP by Community Member
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Resolved! Can’t add second camera to my current subscription

I purchased a second indoor nest camera and foolishly migrated my nest account to Google. Now I can’t add my second camera to the subscription. Get to confirm payment and it says request failed. Tried 3 different cards. So my second camera just does ...

Jewel by Community Member
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Google nest IQ

How long does a subscription last for a Nest camera? I’ve had no notification and mine seems to have stopped??? I can’t view any recordings or history… and more annoyingly I can’t seem to find a way to renew it!

Warren5 by Community Member
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