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App on phone.

The app on my iPhone won’t work with the nest app. I’ve tried deleting it and adding it. Still nothing.

JudyKay1 by Community Member
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Nest outdoor camera connection

I setup a new router and my Nest outdoor camera is mounted over my garage near roof eave and too high for me to reach. The Nest app wants me to scan the code or enter the key entry numbers in order to connect to new Wi-Fi network. I can’t get up to t...

JeanetteW by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Carillon problème d'installation

Bonjour, j'ai problème d'installation, une fois la sonnette connectée en filaire sur le carillon, ce dernier sonne en continu alors que les pré requis sont respectés. Avez vous déjà rencontrez ce type de dysfonctionnement ?

ALEXY by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell wired not working

Doorbell was going offline quite frequently( 6-7 times since December 2021). But two days ago even a restart didn't help and doorbell continued to be offline. I did a factory reset of the doorbell today. Now Blue light on bell comes on for a few seco...

Kvenkat by Community Member
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Facial recognition not working correctly

Hello,I have one nest iq camera and one nest cam (battery) camera apparantly sharing the same facial recognition store. The nest iq processes in the cloud and the cam (battery) on the device.None of the face photos from the nest cam (battery) appear ...

West4664 by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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Nest Hello wall mount

Hello.My back plate is broken already. I was setting it up yesterday and decided it needed the angle plate fitting.I went to take it off the wall and the top plastic piece that secures the doorbell to the mount unit snapped off so now the nest doorbe...

bavo by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Chirping sound while streaming Nest Cam to phone

Hello,When I stream audio and video to my phone using a Google Nest Cam (indoor, wired) I can hear what sounds like crickets chirping constantly. And no, there are no crickets nearby before anybody asks I've tried the camera in several different room...

Nikuma by Community Member
  • 6 replies
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Google nest max

My Google nest Max camera does not work since I have added a doorbell to Google home

62 by Community Member
  • 1 replies
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Camera wont connect to App

We set the first one up with the app and it has been installed successfully for a few weeks and works absolutely fine, however, the other one in the pack just will not set up any further than the page stating ‘Try moving closer to the Nest cam’ when ...

Sue_S by Community Member
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