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Cameras and Doorbells

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Door bell sound doesn’t work on my phone

We have the nest battery operated bell and it doesn’t play a sound on my phone when someone rings the bell outside. It only shows the google home notification briefly on the phone which can easily be missed. I tried going onto settings but can’t seem...

Erica1967 by Community Member
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Bug in Home/Away ?

During a chat session, an agent let slip that if you are Home for several days then the Nest app stops using your mobile phone for location purposes. Why ? He could not say. But it might explain why folk are having problems with Home/Away (non) Assis...

wood by Community Member
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Nest Doorbell Offline with Green Light and warping

Let me first say that I've had my nest doorbell (it's WIRED not battery - that wasn't an option in the labels up top) for at least 2 years. So I understand that it is getting 'older'. However, recently it has started showing sign of 'warping' or 'cra...

Nest Doorbell warped

I posted in 2/2/22 and got a response from brad that I should fill out a form and will be assigned a case number. I did that and then he froze that conversation. However, I did not get a case number or response. Please advise. My original message:Hel...

JML2014 by Community Member
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Turn off notifications for familiar faces

Hi there, Could somebody please explain how I can turn off notifications for familiar faces? I don't really need to get notifications every time my family is in the garden. I understand that the option exists to remove switch off notifications entire...

Sven4 by Community Member
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Google Cam + Floodlight Installation on Ceiling

Has anyone installed a Google cam + Floodlight on a ceiling rather than on a wall? I.e the body being vertically ‘hanging’ rather than horizontal off the wall. Any issues or reasons why it shouldn’t be installed this way? Photos all look to be from t...