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Cameras and Doorbells

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No more face recognition

I have a new hello nest and all of the newest cameras. I was logging all face recognition and I have about 20 people so far. I pay the premium package. It has now stopped seeing people to identify. People walk right up to it, it records the action an...

Macman00 by Community Member
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Visitor Notification not playing on Nest Mini

HIThere are a number of similar posts but I can't find any relevent solutions.I have a Nest Doorbel (battery) that is wired to a power supply; I have a nest mini speaker and both of these are in the same household along with a thermostat.I installed ...

PeterWi by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest cam wont connect

I just purchased the nest camera for outdoor as well as doorbell. I am having so much trouble trying to set up the cameras. They will not connect to my wifi, I have tried all the tricks...reset luck getting it connected and also recognized o...

Nest Floodlight Camera- Flood light is now dimmer

So, all was good till yesterday. Came back home from work and notice my floodlight ( the actual light ) is not bright any more. More like about 30 % of original brightness. I am pretty sure i saw a brightness slider in the app before. Which I don't s...

libinbose by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest Cam install loop- Google Home app sendsme to Nest App; Nest App sends me back to Google Home ap

I've just purchased a Google Nest Cam (battery) and trying to install it in my existing Google Home account, which I've had for years with chromecast, chromecast audio, homehub, etc. When adding a device on the google home app on my android phone, it...

Bo by Community Member
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screw hole dimensions

I am designing a back plate for the nest hello to sit on, and prior to receiving the door bell i need the dimensions of the screw holes in the Nest Hello doorbell.I have asked google and sat on chat as well as on hold - Does anyone have this info?I w...