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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Stopped working

I've had my doorbell for a couple of weeks and it just stopped working. I reset the doorbell, a reset the router. I tried uninstalling and re installing, it won't connect.


All my notifications are turned on amd im mot getting notifications on my phone.

Trieh67 by Community Member
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Nest cams going offline randomly

I have 1 nest outdoor camera, 2 indoor wired cameras, 1 Nest Hello doorbell, google mesh wifi(1 router, 1 point), and a nest thermostat. Randomly, any one of the 3 wired cameras will go offline, and i get the notification after 10 minutes. Never more...

Rick1005 by Community Member
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Nest can blinks blue I tried to connect there’s already an account with them to it which was mine

can not hook up cam pulsating blue we had to get a new router hooked up to the new router is not have a dog password sat it near the router with the phone and with a computer and when I try to hook up to it or scan the barcode it says already connect...

Audio notifications for Nest doorbell and Nest Home

I have a Nest Doorbell, Nest Wifi and a Nest Home. When someone pushes the doorbell the audio comes out of one of the Nest WiFi’s but not the Nest Home. Everything is connected via the Home App. I just want the Nest Home to say “someone is at the doo...

Cdpost1 by Community Member
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Resolved! Live caption pop up

Can anyone tell me why i have a popup saying "Live Caption is not available right now" and what I need to do to fix this.