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Cameras and Doorbells

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Resolved! Camera (battery) not showing in Google Home app

Setting up the Nest Outdoor Camera (battery).Upon scanning the QR code in the nest app, I'm taken to the Google Home app. While adding a device there, no device is found. If I select that I'm setting up a "camera" from the list of options, I'm taken ...

Chaz by Community Member
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Battery doorbell

Disappointing to note wired connection with doorbell is not compatible with European chimes which are standardized to run on 8v ac. It is almost impossible to find a chime in the UK that runs 18v ac hence my chime does not work. I think Google should...

Fedup by Community Member
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Resolved! Video clips

@Why can’t I find my camera video clips !

Jane5 by Community Member
  • 13 replies
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Nest Doorbell Peeling

Having issues with the doorbell peeling. The doorbell is under an awning. The removable plastic film was removed upon install. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Happy with how it works, not how it looks.

sval by Community Member
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Nest doorbell

Installed the Nest wired doorbell, wired as per the video installation.. Camera and indication at the door works fine. the indoor chime does not. I have ~20vac on one side of the transformer that goes to the nest but only 0.7vac at the chime. is the ...

dneyhard1 by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest cam outdoor video

I have installed new cams but my video feeds are just clips and when I click on them there is no feed. For example, it might say I have a 6s feed but when I click on that feed it doesn’t play a video. Just shows that “clip”. What am I doing wrong? I ...

Kvjazz by Community Member
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Nest outdoor camera

I need a magnetic mount for my camera. Please can someone direct me to where I could get one.Thanks,Abhijit

Abhijit by Community Member
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