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New on Google TV: Control your TV with your phone

Watch it in action on YouTube Starting today, you can find something great to watch on your Google TV even when the couch has eaten your remote. We’ve built remote-control features directly into your Android phone so you can power on your TV, navigat...

Grace by Community Manager (Admin)
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Resolved! Chromecast Audio set up - aux in issue

Hi,I'm trying to set up Chromecast Audio (CA) to use with an old speaker system. The problem is that the 3.5 cable jack that comes with it doesn't fit anywhere on the old unit (except the headphone socket but that's not going to work!) My Aux In sock...

My Chromecast Ultra keeps rebooting

My Chromecast Ultra are connected with the proper power plug it came with.The device keeps rebooting it self when I stream. It’s very annoying. It’s not part of the preview program.Currently running firmware 1.49.250946Any suggestion to what I can do...

Nickeluli by Community Member
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Chromecast remote problem

I have the Chromecast that was sent to me when Google Fiber TV quit providing TV. I also have YouTube TV for my streaming service. The remote works fine when I press the black Google Assistant button to request any channel on my YouTubeTV service EXC...

Ldarms44 by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast keeps resetting itself

My Chromecast keeps randomly resetting itself multiple times a day I've done the factory reset I've rebooted device but nothing seems to solve the problem. Everything used to work fine for the last 6 months. Now for the last week or two this issue ar...

Crazy247 by Community Member
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Resolved! Chromecast with Google TV worse than Ultra

I've just swapped my Chromecast Ultra with a Chromecast with Google TV and the experience so far is very disappointing. I even bought the power adapter with Ethernet support so that the experience would be as close to the Ultra as possible. So far it...

Connecting Chromecast to Uni dorm.

Seems like im unable to connect my chomecast to my university wifi. Ive tried creating a hotspot on my laptop and manually inputting the the network on google chome. It finds the network then keeps saying its reconnecting. When google home asks me to...

Audio delay with surround sound

Whenever I play a video that uses high quality audio such as Dolby Digital, the audio stream has a noticeable delay. It has been mentioned multiple times on the previous support community (

marcoc by Community Member
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