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New on Google TV: Control your TV with your phone

Watch it in action on YouTube Starting today, you can find something great to watch on your Google TV even when the couch has eaten your remote. We’ve built remote-control features directly into your Android phone so you can power on your TV, navigat...

Grace by Community Manager (Admin)
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google chromcast 2

de cateva zile acesta nu mai gaseste reteaua wifi. L-am resetat, am resetat si routerul, aceeasi rezultat. Am incercat ( dupa o resetare a dispozitivului , sa il conectez pe o alta retea wifi( la un vecin), din pacate acelasi rezultat. Cred ca si-a d...


Hi thereWhile casting Youtube LIVE Streams from my android phone, I am not able to comment on the stream. I CAN comment on any live stream while using just my phone though. I've searched answers, got the updates, and ya, turned everything on and off ...

MamaBuzz by Community Member
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Chromecast and Humax Aura

Hi , I have a Projector with Chromecast inserted which is working very well when I stream from my phone for Netflix etc.My question / issue is that I can't stream live TV in the UK so was thinking about purchasing a Humax Aura and set up Google home ...

BillM by Community Member
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Casting Chrome video to Android TV with Chromecast

The TV is brand new,is Polaroid 50inch andorid TV with Chromecast on it. Im able to Cast everything,but when Im on Chrome and I'm watching a video streaming,and the media player has the cast icon which I click and cast in the TV, the TV open a Chrome...

Roberto by Community Member
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Chromecast disconnect Wi-Fi with 5G channel 149-161

Hi Guys,Does Chromecast get update today? All chromecast disconnect with 5G 149-161 channel in our office, others connect with 36-48 channel is work.Does any one encounter the same problem as me? Chromecast firmware: 1.56.275994

KenLu by Community Member
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Resolved! I want to use chromecast with a laptop, not a phone or ipad, etc... How?

All instructions to set up chromecast are for a phone or ipad, etc... I want to use only a laptop. The instructions keep referring to the Google home app but what do i use with a laptop? Aren't apps for phones/ipads? (I don't know what generation thi...

imnmba by Community Member
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How to turn off "watch with me"? I don't care what celebrities watch.

Why can’t we turn off the “Watch with me”. It’s pretty obtrusive. Why would I care what a celebrity watches?It’s pretty presumptuous of Google to push someone else’s interests on me. It’s also poor product design. Just let us turn it off. Otherwise i...

millcp by Community Member
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Voice typing, disable assistant

Hi Everyone, does anyone know if it is possible to use the remote just to dictate items to search?The issue is the following: I open ... say... the HBO application and want to search for an item. I have to either use the phone or to type the name usi...

petrz by Community Member
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