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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Thermostat not reconnecting to wifi after power outages

Every time the power goes out I have to manually go to the thermostat and reconnect the WiFi. What's odd is i don't have to input the wifi password. It connects right a way to the router once you click on the wifi name with no problem but I have to d...

Nest Heat link has no power

During sometime today my Heat Link for my Google nest has lost all power, I have tried all recommendations on the forums and nothing has worked. How do I go about getting a replacement it was purchased in September 2020.Any help would be appreciated

Dimy31 by Community Member
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Fan setting

Very disappointed in lack of ability to set fan to manual. Setting fan for 12 hours then it goes back to auto is not acceptable. We have UVC system installed to help purify the air leaving the furnace. Our goal is to have fan on 24/7.

FanBoy by Community Member
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No Power to Rh - not even plugged into wall.

3rd gen suddenly showed no power to Rh wire. Honeywell works just fine on the wall. And after heating people came to clean boiler I decided to put back on the nest. It worked fine but the battery was low so I removed it to charge and it decided to re...

Be right back restart learning thermostat

Got up this am and found my neat went dark. I followed the suggestions and pulled the thermostat and plugged it in to USB,to which the Google icon immediately appeared and asked for it to be plugged into the plate. Let charge for about an hour. I che...

Onadaga1 by Community Member
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Nest e not showing any signs of life on being plugged in.

I've already sent one Nest e UK thermostat back to the seller, due to it not turning on. I was told to leave it on overnight but it had no sign of charging or turning on, even by morning.I received a new one today and I am experiencing the same issue...

Miggyfan by Community Member
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Heat link wiring

My heatlink was disconnected and moved by builders who have left me with a box and some wires. I know the 240v feed goes into slots 1&2 and that the earth has a slot / terminal further along. My problem is with the cable between the heat link and the...

Eigerton by Community Member
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Setting the temperature

How do I set the temperature on the thermostat and get it to stay at that setting? My thermostat will not stay at the set temperature, but returns to a heat setting 5 degrees cooler.