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Nest Thermostats

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Thermostat hard to turn

Nest thermostat is very hard to turn. On or off the wall same thing. It’s like I’m trying to open a tight jar lol. Wasn’t always like this either. My basement thermostat is perfectly fine and spins normal. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Goldilogz by Community Member
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Error with connecting nest account with Google home

Hi, I have a nest account that is working but I'm unable to connect it to my google home account. This is preventing me from using voice commands to control my thermostat.When I try to login to my nest account on Google Home. I received this error 40...

Trxder by Community Member
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Nest Text Messages that are not mine

I keep getting text messages from Nest. Trouble is I don't have a Nest. I just took a guess at the product because I don't know anything about where this is coming from.Someone must have setup their account with the wrong phone number. What can I do?...

Nest humidity level high

I just installed a nest thermostat and noticed the humidity % is two high. I have two humidistats that show 49 and 50 % in the same location and the next shows 58. Both of the humidistats have been calibrated . Is there a way to calibrate the nest ?

Cold Air on Heat Mode

In heat mode, only cold air blows out. My filters are clean and brand new so I’m assuming it’s something with the thermostat. What can I do to fix this? Thank you!

How to wire a Nest E for a garage

No C wire. Have a 24 amp two wire Which I believe goes to R and C terminals. Which wire do run to my heater (only)? W? thanks ahead. Tech support at Nest couldn't answer my question. Told me to schedule a technician.

Best thermostat switching on by itself

Nest thermostat has been a nightmare since we moved in. Finally reset all settings and created a schedule today but so far it has switched itself on twice outside of the schedule and not come on when it was supposed to!!! Useless system. Any suggesti...

Moorsd1 by Community Member
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Nest class action lawsuit

Been searching for weeks about why my new nest learning thermostat is showing the wrong temperature, basically rendering the unit as junk. No - reset and reboot do nothing. Have 4 separate thermometers and they are all showing 68 but the nest is show...