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Nest Without C Wire

Nest basically says you don't need a C wire, but if you have any problems, use a C wire. Wow.Was anybody are of this Nest issue? I did not have a C wire and my fan was intermittently coming on for no reason. Added the C wire, problem fixed.Got nowher...

braberley by Community Member
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Nest Learning thermostat turns on another heat link too.

I have two nest thermostats, that control a zoned floor heating.After i reset the two thermostats and set a single home combi boiler, and wired connection only to heat link.I made the connection while the another set is off.After if i turn on all the...

tibi by Community Member
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Nest H73 error code

Viessmann Vitodens 100-W has been working fine with Nest smart thermostat for several weeks. Using opentherm technology. All of a sudden I’m getting a H73 error, suggesting unable to detect opentherm connection. Seems to have coincided with WiFi outa...

Darren2240 by Community Member
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Linking Nest Thermostats

Hello,I have two Nest Learning Thermostats in one home and would like to be able to set the temperature ranges for both at the same time. Is it possible to link the two thermostats so that I can control both at once?

balthesar by Community Member
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Heat Link not working

Hi,My heat link has stopped working. No lights, unresponsive. Tried holding the button and no response. This seems to be a common enough issue. It was installed October 2020We first noticed the issue on 7/2/22It was installed by a nest proTheres an H...


Wi-Fi is present in building. Thermostat keeps trying to connect but after a few minutes says unable to connect. Nest thermostat is new and this is the initial start up of this thermostat. Other devices working on Wi-Fi and internet

Jdago by Community Member
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