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Nest Thermostats

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Nest wifi

Wifi keeps disconnecting from Nest. Not having any issues with wifi for rest of devices in the house

Spp3019 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostats keep overheating

I have seven heating zones in my house. My two main Nest thermostats (the ones that also control the upstairs/downstairs ac) are routinely overheating my rooms. We set the temp to 66 and it still cranks up the heat until we’re baking at 80 degrees. I...

Lpie by Community Member
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Multiple Nest Thermostats in One House

I have found the solution to the problem of connecting multiple Nest thermostats in the same home. Many of us have found we had to create additional “homes” in the Google Home app in order to add more than one Nest thermostat.After hours of troublesh...

MrIcey by Community Member
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Nest heat link not pairing with thermostat E

Hi all. I tried to set up my nest thermostat e with heat link. It's second day and still. No results. During setup is everything smooth till my heat link need to be connected with themo.. E. Every time same issue th026. I was trying to reset heat lin...

Ang3l0s_pl by Community Member
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3rd Gen heatlink failure

HiI have 2 x nest thermostats (and heat links) for each zone in my house (upstairs and downstairs) one of the heat links has completely packed up and we get the H71 warning on the thermostat.I have had an electrician in to check all the wiring just t...

MrH by Community Member
  • 7 replies
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Nest runs for too long with aquastat in place

Moved my Nest to control my 2nd floor heating zone (hyrdronic forced hot air of off a boiler) and it's behavior has changed. The aquastat is set to 160 degrees to ensure that the blower doesn't kick in until it is hot enough (eliminates cool air blow...

E74 r

E74 rh wire error. I cleaned condensation pump, still blowing cold air. Any ideas? Bad ignitor?

Nest compatible

Can you tell me if my system is compatible with the nest thermostat. I removed the cover of my old thermostat and there are just two wires connected

Bmwarner by Community Member
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