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Nest Thermostats

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3rd generation no light on heat link

I have just installed my replacement heat link for the upstairs zone, which is working fine. Now my downstairs heat link has failed.I've tried all the usual, power off, power on. I think I may have purchased a dodgy batch as both were bought at the s...

Pauline by Community Member
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Need a way to reset the device that bypasses the pin and does not use an app. New hone to us and the old owner doesn’t remember their pin

Dariel01 by Community Member
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nest e thermostat wiring

I used the compatibility checker and it says it is compatible. I have the following wires c g rh rc y w it is pretty clear where the c y g w wires go but where do the rh and rc wires go

H71 Heat link not flashing

London user, Thermostat showing H71, have followed the community chat to reset the heat link but no flashing lights are shown. Seems the best link is faulty. Can't put heating on or hot water. Any advice on how to contact Google Support appreciated.

Slosher by Community Member
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Cant use my thermostat home logo with a download icon on top

I can't get my thermostat past logo of the nest house with a download icon on top. I have held button for 10 seconds for it to restart get the Google logo then it reverts back to nest house. It would not work correctly so I did a factory reset. Any i...

Connecting my wife to our nest

My iPhone is currently connected to the nest thermostat and I have invited my wife to join through the Google account and when I click through I’m struggling to find the connect code as the thermostat says it’s already connected to my account. Any su...

Nest wifi

Wifi keeps disconnecting from Nest. Not having any issues with wifi for rest of devices in the house

Spp3019 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostats keep overheating

I have seven heating zones in my house. My two main Nest thermostats (the ones that also control the upstairs/downstairs ac) are routinely overheating my rooms. We set the temp to 66 and it still cranks up the heat until we’re baking at 80 degrees. I...

Lpie by Community Member
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