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Nest Thermostats

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Reset Schedule

How do I reset the schedule on a nest thermostat

Km2 by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest thermostat

My parents had a power failure for 30 minutes and their Nest thermostat showed an error E195.Their furnace is not turning on to heat their home. Please help.Thank you

Kathy1 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat stuck on home icon

My nest Thermostat 2nd generation is stuck on the home icon. I have tried a hard reset by pressing the nest for 10 seconds. It turns off but when I press the nest again it turns on to the home screen. I plugged it into charge with through the port bu...

yehdog by Community Member
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 Is this compatible to the Nest system?

Michele by Community Member
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Help with wiring configuration

Hi,I have the following wiring on my old thermostat for my furnace (hot and cold). It’s telling me to contact support to get help on configuration. Anyone can help? I’m trying to install the Nest Learning Thermostat.Thanks!

Henrik by Community Member
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Heat is On but Thermostat is Off

My home is currently 85 degrees Fahrenheit inside when it is 45 degrees Fahrenheit outside yet all of my five Nest Learning thermostats (Gen 2) that control different zones in my home say my system is off. To this point none of them are colored in or...

cas78 by Community Member
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My Nest thermostat stopped working HELP!

I’ve had my nest for about two years and no issues. I turned my furnace on about a week ago and it worked fine. I noticed the house was cold yesterday and it was only 64• but it was set to 71. I turned it up to see if it would kick on but nothing. Sa...

Nest Thermostat

Hi all, I just had the nest learning thermostat installed today. I love it however I have a question re putting the heat on manually.When I press the heat link button once it disconnects from the thermostat, cycles through the light system of flashin...

Holyx10 by Community Member
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