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Nest Thermostats

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Resolved! My heat link has died

Heat link has power but no leds are illuminating and manual switch is not workingI’ve tried all suggested steps mentioned on the related threads to no avail.Please help!!

MarkS by Community Member
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Stuck Updating Software

My thermostat has been trying to update software for over a week now. I know it should take this long, and I’ve reset it more than once. Each and every time upon restarting it goes right back to “updating software.” Anyone else dealt with this before...

Cores1180 by Community Member
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Resolved! Need to update wifi netid on Nest Thermostat

Hi, my Wifi network was just updated and now has a new netid and pswd. When I looked at the help site, it showed this.... Change Wi-Fi network nameRequirements:Network names must be between 1 and 31 characters.Make sure there isn’t an accidental spac...

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giuseppe by Community Member
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 Is my nest thermostat compatible with my current wiring 


Nest with commercial 10 ton rooftop unit

I have a Goodman 10 ton package unit that I am trying to install a Nest Learning Thermostat on.When I first installed it the previous thermostat only had a Y1 and when hooked up that way I got a fault when I "tested" the wiring. I have gone to the un...

jcalagaz by Community Member
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Thermostat won’t hold charge

Hello, my nest won’t hold its charge even after charging it for hours. I am attaching a picture to show the levels. We are using the usb method to charge the device.thank you!

Heat/cool mode

Whilst in this mode how do I set it to heat and cool to the same temp?thanks