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Nest 3rd generation heat link stopped working.

Hi, I have a problem with my heat link which has been working reliably until last week. There is 240 volt supply, with no lights on, tried the 30 second button press, tried turning the power off for 10 minutes to see if that helped but nothing has wo...

H71 error

Heat link has stopped working. Have tried all the trouble shooting ideas that I’ve read on other posts.. no LED light.. press and hold for 30secs etc… very disappointing as I love the device but it seems that this issue is happening to a lot of other...

Abby by Community Member
  • 4 replies
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Heatlink has no lights at all

Heatlink has no lights at allturned off for 30 secs check fuses etc surely not broken already as only bought feb 2020can someone help with this

Fred358 by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Wiring Compatibility with Nest Learning Thermostat

I got a nest learning thermostat to replace my old thermostat. I got the Best Buy geek squad guys to come and set it up for me. They checked and mentioned that my system is not compatible. Can i get some suggestions if Nest Learning thermostat can be...

ashjel by Community Member
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Mobile phone(S) to help Nest control heating

Just learning about this nest system having had a new boiler put in. It says that the system can use mobile phone location to decide whether the occupant is in or out of the house. But what happens if there are more than one person living in the hous...

SkinDoc by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Nest Thermostat Stopped Connecting to App

My Nest Thermostat stopped connecting to my app on my phone and Alexa. My thermostat says it is connected and my phone says it's not connected. I have restarted it. Nothing seems to work.

Nest heatlink no power suddenly

Hi, Our nest heatlink has suddenly stopped working, not power at all, despite the boiler having power and the wires to the heatlink having power.This was installed a year ago, and no problems had before. Can a replacement be sent?

Tomckay by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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Nest Thermostat uk

Hi, I had a nest 3rd gen thermostat fitted and I have follow the necessary Y plan wiring diagram for my heating system. My issue if that the thermostat has no control over the heating or hot water... I can turn both off (from the stat) and the boiler...

E45y by Community Member
  • 10 replies
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Nest compatible?

I entered all my wire connections during the compatibility check and it told me to send a picture. Chat is disabled, phone-in says they’re closed… I can’t even see how to upload a photo into this question (only how to insert a link). Can anyone help?...