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NEST Learning Thermostat not connecting to Heat Link

Hi all, Recently moved into a property and it has a Nest Thermostat installed, fantastic! However, I'm trying to set it up and I am having issues connecting the Thermostat to the Heatlink. I've managed to somehow, get the App to recognise the Thermos...

RossG92 by Community Member
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Resolved! Confused about W2 and E/AUX wiring

I am trying to install the Next Self learning Thermostat and below are my current wiring. I plan to connectRC jumpered to R (red) wire to R on the NestW O/B (White wire) to W on nestW2 E/AUX (Brown wire) to W2.The rest will go as shown C, G and Y to ...

Danby by Community Member
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Resolved! Mixed wires

Hello,I am a newbie owner of a google nest and am doing research on how to start. I’ve read that W is for heat and that W2 is for second level heating. However my original thermostat has the white wire going to W2 and nothing to W. The heat does work...

Alex by Community Member
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Incorrect temperature

Had ac work done when the power was turned back on battery low indicator was on. Checked to make sure there were not batteries in my nest and put it back on. It went back on tighter than it had been?? Now the temp isn’t right and it seems to run cons...

Juliej by Community Member
  • 2 replies
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3rd generation thermostat - no power on heat link

My heatlink has suddenly stopped working - no lights at all but 240v is present at the terminals. Pressing buttons etc has no response. Appears to be a common problem with numerous other people reporting exactly the same issue. So what is the problem...

Nige by Community Member
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Hello!I also need to add myself to the growing list of disappointed customers, with a faulty NEST heat link, after only using the NEST 3rd gen. thermostat for less than 18 months.I have completed all the suggested steps with no response from heat lin...

BorV by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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