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Google nest fan speeds.

Hi, Wondering how I can make the furnace fan stay on the higher speed all the time rather than only when the furnace or AC is running. There is no speed setting in the menu on the thermostat. Do we need a different thermostat? Mike

Mike1976 by Community Member
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Nest Thermostat does not reconnect to WIFI after long power failure

We had a 10+ hours long power failure (I am guessing that the backup battery fully discharged). After the power came back up, our Nest-E (1st Gen) did not automatically reconnect to WIFI. I was able to reconnect using the navigation at the thermostat...

jirim by Community Member
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Nest thermistat

When set at 69degrees.. home temp was 68 for an hour until heat turned on .why does it wait so long……

Marky by Community Member
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Themostat keeps turning heat off

My Themostat keeps turning the heat off. I think it’s the schedule. I don’t want a schedule. I just want it to maintain the same temp. How do I do that?

Cjones517 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat says it is heating, when it isn’t.

Hello,My Nest thermostat says it is heating, when it isn’t. My workaround is to go to Mode | Off, then Mode | Heat, then wait, the heating then comes on successfully.It’s been doing it for the last week. I rebooted the thermostat a few times and that...

RipBicep by Community Member
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Nest Says Heating but Furnace not turning on

Since I turned on my heat a few weeks ago, the Nest says that the heat is on but the furnace is not running and doesn't run until it reaches my Eco temp. then it will warm up the house again. I'm home all day and my phone is connected to home/away as...

Wissman by Community Member
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One of my two thermostats will not update any further

One of my two thermostats of the same model will not update any further. One is at 6.1.1-21 and the other at 6.2-22. Even if I choose to manually update. It's says there are no updates which clearly is not the case. Support did not have a clue.

Resolved! My Nest Learning Thermostat doesn't show the hot water option

Hi People My partner and I just moved to our new house and the previous owner had installed for heating and hot water the Nest system. We have two nest thermostats with two "Heat link", one for downstairs (heat and hot water) and the other one for up...

EreaPita by Community Member
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Resolved! Gen 3 thermostat showing e74 code.

Have an older Carrier air handler and Payne heat pump which replaced original Carrier Heat pump. Air handler supplies supplemental and/or emergency heat. Thermostat is 3(?) years old and has worked pretty well. Originally used Rh and Rc connection pe...

ttefft by Community Member
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