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Nest Thermostats

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Eco mode

The Nest thermometer preset schedule shows Eco mode coming on at 8:30am (scheduled in between 2 comfort modes). Will it automatically change to Eco mode at that time? I only want to use Eco mode when we are out of the house and I am not sure how to s...

MegH by Community Member
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Humidity sensor reads higher the cooler it gets

My nest e thermostat seems to read higher the cooler it gets. If the system doesn't run and the room naturally heats from the sun humidity will drop 20+ percent but if I cool the room it will increase to nearly 85%. Now that temps are dropping the sa...

Resolved! Current ambient home temp not on display

How do i set the app to show the current temp inside my home? I see the desired temp but no current.I want to see the current temp inside my home when I look at the Nest App. I have tapped on the thermostat on my apps home page. When it opens all I s...

JaneS by Community Member
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Resolved! Changing Furnace Heat Source

Our thermostat was accidently set up as and electric furnace and should have been set as gas. Now heat won't work and its cold. Primary heat fuel source under Heat Configuration will not allow us to select gas. What should we do to fix this? I can ac...

Snomis1 by Community Member
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Can’t reset pin

Hii can’t remember my pin for my nest and tried my settings to reset and nothing there help can’t put heating on

Ws by Community Member
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Nest 3rd Gen

I had 3 wires in my previous thermostat that had a RC jumper. The heat went shut off now. Please advise.

Chi773 by Community Member
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Heatlink. 3rd Gen Not Working

Hello Google, I have a problem with a 3rd generation Nest Heatlink which had been covered in a previous post here on the old forum:

Nest wiring question

Hi there! I was trying to install a nest Thermostat in my apartment. I wanted to confirm some wiring questions. My current Thermostat has a O wire but not a B wire. I wanted to make sure I could plug it into the O/B or not. How should I set the Nest ...

Smcdonald by Community Member
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