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Early-On feature not working

We've had the thermostat for two weeks now and it still isn't turning on the heat soon enough to get it to temperature at the set time. "Early-on" is turned on and the "Choose Maximum Duration" is set for 5 hours. BTW - as I'm typing the house is now...

Wilma58 by Community Member
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Ground wire has voltage

So this isn't related to Nest, but curious about theories on it. The Nest stat was reporting faulty ground wire, but still worked fine. Curious about the ground, I measured with a multimeter and it was reading 8v coming from the furnace PCB board.I d...

Grimzly by Community Member
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Controlling a Nest Learning thermostat

I installed a Nest learning thermostat and set a schedule using Alexa. During the installation, Google Home was installed. Do i need Google Home installed if i control the thermostat with Alexa or can remove Ggogle Home and only use Alexa and the Nes...

Richardrp by Community Member
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Nest not showing history for over a week.

Nest app doesn’t show history. Says no usage but on expanding the bar, usage is seen.I have two separate nests and both do the same suggesting there is a software glitch. Any awareness of this?

RichT1 by Community Member
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Choose the number that matches your thermostat's display

  Issue / problem -- I am trying to add my Google thermostat E to my Google Nest app on my iPhone. After entering the Key, I get a message on my Google nest thermostat E 'Choose the number that matches your thermostat's display'. Follow the instructi...

9BBBB230-20AB-4296-9621-09B9BADAFC79.png 087BD7D3-6D9A-41EC-B08B-A715F97A15D7.png
Rocky2 by Community Member
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Can't get Nest Thermostat Code

We're trying to install a basic Nest thermostat and the directions take us to the point of needing the code which should be displayed on the thermostat. We're in the Nest app at that point, but the thermostat doesn't display anything except a message...

cluddecke by Community Member
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Google Nest Thermostat Installation

My current Honeywell thermostat has: blk wire to E post, Wh to AUX post, yel to Y post, grn to G post, Org to O post, red to R post, and blue tp C post. Can I use the Nest Thermostat?

Byron1 by Community Member
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Error TH013 paring to heatlink

When trying to pair the Nest E thermostat with the heatlink during set up. I have tried all the advice I can find on the forum. However my phone seems unable to connect with the thermostat to begin the pairing process. 2.4 GHz = tried = XNew WiFi rou...

K9 by Community Member
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