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Issues- Replacement Nest Learning Thermostat

Photos attached.Received my replacement Nest Learning Thermostat yesterday to replace one that worked very well except for a Wifi connectivity issue. Upon connecting to the base, the replacement one first was blinking green and orange, repeatedly ask...

IMG_6238.jpeg IMG_6258.jpeg
gegetir by Community Member
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3rd Gen Thermostat will not pair with Link no matter what I try!

I'm sure I have tried everything, but I cannot get the 3rd Gen Thermostat to connect to the 3rd Gen Heat Link.I've never got this working personally, the system come with the house when I bought it and it was already factory reset. I know it was work...

keogh by Community Member
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Nest Notification

Is there a way to send a notification to my cell phone when my thermostat goes offline due to lost wifi connection due to power interruption and router needs to be reset thank you. I use the google home app with a samsung phone

mrelmo by Community Member
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Resolved! Cannot add a Device to Android Phone

I reinstalled the latest version of the Nest App.1. When I add the Entry Key it hangs forever on the "Choose the number that matches" 2. If I select "Start Installation" it requires a 7 digit Entry Key - mine has 6 Digits.3. I tried this on two Andro...

Setup_Hanging.jpg EntryKey.jpg
Rintpete by Community Member
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Resolved! Nest 2nd and 3rd Generation

Hi, I currently have a System boiler, and a 2nd Generation Nest thermostat that I removed from my old house.The new house is currently 2 zones, upstairs, and downstairs and water. I would like to know, whether I could buy a 3rd generation Nest thermo...

Sig1 by Community Member
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Nest 3rd Gen Thermostat wont find wifi

Hi, ive had a 3rd gen learning nest for 10 months, all has worked perfectly.last week i got the W5 error code, rebooted unit, it couldnt find wifi, reset wifi, it couldnt find wifi, manually input wifi name and password…it didnt connect.phoned google...

Parners by Community Member
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Error completing migration to Google Home

 This is incredibly annoying. I don’t want to migrate at all, but since I’m forced to, can you please make it work! I’ve followed instructions at least 6 times and get this same error message every time.

JimLo by Community Member
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Wiring compatibility

I have a train thermostat that is on its last leg, and I would like to replace it with a nest thermostat. However, I’m not quite sure whether the nest system is compatible. S1 and S2 I can tape off and ignore. Most of the rest of the wires look like ...


System not compatible

 The compatibility check says not compatible but it doesn’t really say why. Is it truly not compatible? Could an HVAC company make it compatible? Or will it work? thanks for help

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