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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat stolen in home invasion.

I need a new thermostat. Mine has long since been gone it stopped working a year ago. I tried to get a replacement and your customer service rep was being rude. All my attempts to explain my situation was met with an excuse or that he didn't have the...

Heat link dead

Heat Link Dead have a newborn baby in the house no heating or hot water. Nest support team are shocking no help at all such poor service

Kate19751 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

Good morning I have just recently moved into a house with a nest thermostat. Water is scheduled and fine. Heating we put on until the desired temperature was reached but the boiler will not switch off so heating continues to run . I turned the boiler...

Wk by Community Member
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2021 Nest thermostat

I purchased a nest thermostat. It has been working well with AC till recently when I turned it to control heater. It only turned furnace not the heater. As a result, only the cold air blows in. I hired a AC guy who diagnosed all the way to the thermo...

Heat link issues

I have been an installer for a number of years and to be fair never had an issue that we could not resolve. That is until recently when I had a heat link failed after 11 months completely dead no led having called the help line and got no sense or th...

KHBUIld by Community Member
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Cooling difrence

We just installed the nest and there is a 10 degree difference. The nest is set to 71 and it’s reading 81. The ac has been on for over an hour.

Aramon by Community Member
  • 3 replies
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Cannot Migrate to Google Sign-In

Have a Nest account (pre-2019) that is attached to a email address that we no longer have any access to. Attempting to migrate to Google in order to continue to operate thermostat from Android app. I enter old email and password, which ...

nest does not find thermostat

I am trying to install a nest thermostat (non-learning). I have installed the google home app and the nest app. when i tried to 'find devices' it cannot find the thermostat. I have wired the baseplate but have not plugged the thermostat into it yet.

bleushark by Community Member
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Nest won't connect to wifi

After 6 months the Nest has decided to no longer detect any wifi network. Factory reset, router and wifi reset, nothing works. Reset the thermostat a dozen times. Less than 3ft from the router.

JoeG by Community Member
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Hook up to Heat pump

I am trying to hook up nest thermostat to my heat pump. The system works fine with current non nest thermostat. When nest installed the fan will not run the fan. Can anyone help? Spent 2 hours on the phone with tech support and they replaced my nest ...

Flagtime by Community Member
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