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Nest Thermostats

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Forum Posts

Nest - How do you know what generation it is?

We have just moved into a house with a Nest thermostat - no idea what generation it is and whether it does hot water or not. No paperwork left in the house for it. We had no broadband when we moved in so our son has the App on his mobile and has set ...

Google broke my thermostat

Ever since I migrated my Nest account to Google in September I cannot change the setting on my Huawei Android phone from Away. I don’t want to use a phone to sense whether there is anyone in and it wasn’t necessary before. So now it is getting colder...

Loggy by Community Member
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Nest thermostat

Moved into home with nest thermostat …., no idea how to work it. Reading info on it. Have no idea which model I even have

Nesthelp by Community Member
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New house

We purchased a house that has a nest learning thermostat upstairs. The previous owners had a pin code on the thermostat. They did not reset or delete their account prior to moving and they did not provide us with the pin code. We have followed multip...

Breport09 by Community Member
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WiFi Network

We cam home from a Friday night out and came home to our thermostat unable to find our network. All other devices seem to connect easily and the router has been reset several times. I even trying resetting the nest itself as well.

WiFi connectivity with two Nest Learning thermostats

My Nest learning thermostat all of a sudden had an error code W5 and I couldn't get it to reconnect to my wifi network. All my other devices including 2 Google home minis have not had any issues. I talk with Google support and after a couple things t...

New nest gen 4 thermostat issue

Installed the new thermostat today and now it’s showing a N260 warning. I installed it using the 5 wire connection but doesn’t use a common wire

Cowboydad by Community Member
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