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W5 Error

Hello, I’ve had my Nest Thermostat for months with no issues. Today, it needed to be charged so I charged it with a USB. After it was charged, I put it back on the plate and have had issues connecting with the Wi-Fi. I’ve reset it and followed all th...

RM6 by Community Member
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Honeywell thermostat circa 2009

Hello All, I was hoping some angelic soul could help me figure out if my current Trane model TCONT802A (Honeywell 2006?) thermostat can be replaced with a 3rd Gen Learning Thermostat? It's a split system consisting of a Maytag PSA4BF024KA condenser a...

Photo Two.jpg Photo one.jpg
Bart465 by Community Member
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C wire issue

c wire doesnt have power it says. Hence wifi can not connect to phone. However i can control the thermostat by hand and it runs.

Sandmeh by Community Member
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Nest thermostat humidity very incorrect

Hi I’ve been using my nest thermostat for months and in the last day do you made it he is reporting way higher than all of the other devices in my home. I’ve seen many other threads with the same complaint but no resolution. I’ve tried the reset and ...

Wiring a Dual System to 2020 Nest

Greeting!I have a separate heating and cooling systems - the cooling system has the RC power wire and and the heating has its own R wire. The 2020 nest only has the a slot for one R wire. My heating works if I put the red wire to the R terminal. Simi...

jstamatov by Community Member
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Resolved! Not cooling but did before nest installed

I had nest installed this week. Ac worked fine and now doesn’t work at all. Blowing hot air. I read your info on c wiring but this is useless to me as I don’t know how to check anything. Help please. Thank you. Gretchen.

Gpkcovino by Community Member
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HVAC system

Hi I have a HVAC (heating and cooling system) in my house in Barcelona. Currently I have a Samsung MWR-wH02 thermostat (that was what came with the system) I want to switch it to a nest thermostat, but I’m not sure if that’ll work. Has anyone used a ...

GemmaR by Community Member
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Do you even know how to fix the Nest thermostat so that my air will come on I think this was a wast of money on my part if it doesn’t work then what good is it???

MLH1 by Community Member
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Please attach display to its base

Good morning, I am running into an issue with the thermostat. I have had it for a few years now and it was operating well. yesterday my wifi dropped and Next got disconnected. Once I restored the WIFI, Nest did not display the temperature or allow me...

Tanilio by Community Member
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