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Access to Google Nest only

Is there a way to allow others using the Nest thermostat without adding them as family members to my Google account? (the Nest was set up with its own Google account, not my primary Google account).

Nest Learning Thermostat Fan Not Working

We just installed our Nest Learning Thermostat a few weeks ago. When we did the install and the test, everything worked great. The fan kicked on immediately, cooled and heated without a problem.We tried to turn on our A/C yesterday, attempted to drop...

Danimal11 by Community Member
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H1 error. Can’t connect to heat link

Hello everyone,im having issue with connection between thermostat and heat link. It displays h1 error message.Since last 2 years there was no issues. I’m trying to reset and paired again but no improvements.I have been performing troubleshooting but ...

VadiKus by Community Member
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Nest Learning Thermostat not cooling

I just installed my Nest Learning Thermostat last night, but it's not cooling. I moved in a month ago and hadn't had cooling issues. The AC was cooling perfectly before I installed my Nest Learning Thermostat. I'm attaching two before & after wiring ...

1000036167.jpg 1000036196.jpg
Auggie by Community Member
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Opentherm Capabilities connected to Navien LCB700 boiler

Hi,I have just had fitted a Navien LCB700 Modulating Oil Combi Boiler, Ive connected up my 3rd gen nest thermostat and ive got basic control but some of it is not working as id expect... How can i find out what parts of the opentherm protocol are sup...

RoyCruse by Community Member
  • 11 replies
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Thermostat installation test

We just installed the 3rd generation Nest Learning thermostat. We're running a cooling test and it keeps running the test over and over. I know it said beforehand that this may take a while, but it's been quite a while. Any advice?

KdDale by Community Member
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Google nest cam

My camera lost connection I can’t get back nest cam

Levana by Community Member
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heating usage for June and July look wrong

My latest monthly heating usage report shows 121 hours used in June and 7 hours in July.The weather was warmer in June and cooler in July. I'm baffled by such a large difference. It looks the wrong way round.Can anyone shed any light?RegardsPeter Arm...