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Nest Thermostats

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Nest thermostat and heat pump settings

More of a Software issue here I think. The setting for the heat pump isn’t low enough. the intelligent heat pump range does now allow for cold climate heat pump that goes to -30 I think it says 10 degrees nothing in the minus temps. Newer heat pumps ...

1DBB by Community Member
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Fan speed issues

The fan speed slows down intermittently on my single stage furnace while running the ac. I have 2 furnaces and the issue follows the thermostat. The nest controls do not have a fan speed setting option. This issue is not present with my prior thermos...

JackIV by Community Member
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Google Thermostat keeps going into eco mode

I purchased and moved into my current house in June. The house had a Google thermostat already installed, so I am not sure what version it is. I think it is a model 1.4. I have turned off the home/away settings, wiped out the schedule, and tried ever...

Nest thermostat help

I'm not sure which Nest thermostat we have as it was in our house when we bought it. I have cleared previous schedules and have set the temperature to 72F. I continue to come home to the house being above 72F and it is not actively cooling. I don't u...

Rush Hour Rewards Unenrollment

Hi all,We recently received a notification saying "Power Savers Texas scheduled an Energy Rush Hour today" and a time frame. The issue is we have no recollection of signing up for this. There's also no way to disable it through the Nest app or websit...

dbsnola by Community Member
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Unable to sign in or reset password for Nest app

I have just got a new phone so I got signed out of Nest app. I am now not able to log back in or reset the password…the log in details are definitely correct. I get the message ‘invalid token’ when I try and create a new password. I have reset the th...

JV123 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat and zoned controls

Hi, I have recently had my home replumbed and have 2 heating zones - upstairs and downstairs. I bought a Nest Thermostat with a Heatlink and have installed downstairs. When I turn heating on, only the downstairs radiators come on. Upstairs, there is ...

SteveC80 by Community Member
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Nest thermostat no lights on heat link

I have a nest learning thermostat linked to gas combi boiler which has stopped working, checked & found no loght at heat link unit which is wired from boiler. Boiler working, but heat link not. Tried reset but still nothing, any thoughts on fault or ...

Stemee1 by Community Member
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