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Home/Away Assist, returning home always stuck in eco mode Read more

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Nest apps

Hi,Iam Mamun from Bangladesh. I cannot configure nest apps. Because when i go to home set up page then want location. But there have no Bangladesh option in asia. Neep help how can i configure it.

Mamun by Community Member
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Does nest thermostat override immersion when boiler broken?

Hello. Our Google nest controls both our heating and hot water. Our boiler broke down on Friday leaving me without both, however next to our water tank I have noticed a water heater switch. I’ve tried turning it on (light on switch turns on) but it d...

Louise3 by Community Member
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Feature Request - Airwave on Heating Mode

Airwave is useful not only in AC mode. During the winter, the Airwave function could continue running the fan to extract heat from the ductwork after a furnace cycle, reducing the amount of time the furnace needs to run per day.

DC6 by Community Member
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My old thermostat has 8 wires but the Nest only has slots for 6 wires. How am I supposed to install?

Allikay by Community Member
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Ridiculous issues (c-wire, app & sensing when I'm home)

I'm having a couple different issues getting this thermostat working as expected. First, I keep getting messages about not getting enough power randomly. I have the extra $25 c-wire adapter hooked up correctly and the thermostat shows it is detecting...

Kmalsteen by Community Member
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Nest app

My best app shows offline until I’m in the house with the thermostat close by. Once I leave the house the app goes offline.

Nlboos by Community Member
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Issue with Eco mode

Hi there,I am staying at an Airbnb which has a nest thermostat and the host has locked the settings with a pin under what seems to be an “eco mode” with a maximum allowed temperature of 23C (74F) and, despite setting the thermostat to the maximum all...

Driss by Community Member
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Nest compatibility ??

Heat pump so it says I should use the bottom letters which comparability check says should be good to go but did not have success upon installation. thanks for your help!

Jvphish by Community Member
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