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Resolved! Nest

 is my system compatible with a nest thermostat?


Nest thermostat won't connect to heat link

I've read so many threads on this topic, and have done everything to reset the heat link and thermostat but the two will still not connect. I've had the system for several years and its been fine and found the app said that the thermostat was offline...

Nest wiring

I have a two wire thermostat, red wire and White wire. I have 24 V on the red wire at my thermostat location. I understand the nest needs a C wire. And the C Wire is constant 24 V. Why can I not add a jumper wire from our to see at my thermostat loca...

Bz by Community Member
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Nest Unresponsive w/ “Save More at Home”

Last night my father noticed his heat wasn’t coming on. He found his new(ish) Nest thermostat (installed roughly a month ago) sitting on a screen with the message, “Save More at Home” w/ a “Next” button. The physical thermostat was completely unrespo...

Resolved! Adding Nest Learning 3rd Gen to App / Google Home?

Hi All, I’ve got two Nest therms, one Nest E, connected to Wi-Fi and App, works great. I added a Nest Learning Therm, 3rd gen today. It’s connect to Wi-Fi and working, but when I try to sync it to the App / Home, I keep getting error messages TD014 a...

TallGuyB by Community Member
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 Is my system compatible with best? I know very little about the wiring and conntivity, so I wanted to check compatibility first before trying to figure this all out.

amore288 by Community Member
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Temp set to 68° Sensor reading 78°

Temp set to 68° Sensors and Nest Thermostat reading 78° But for some reason heat is still going?? Why? If the temp was reached a long time ago does it still keep going?

Xavi by Community Member
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