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Home App constantly loses connection with Nest Thermostat

Thermostat works ok and can be controlled manually. It is connected to WiFi.My home app shows Error and cannot communicate with the thermostat after a few hours after I have reset the thermostat. This happens all the time and makes the thermostat use...

IanL by Community Member
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3 nest thermostats

I have a church that I am putting in three nest thermostats One is for a boiler unit The other two are for forced air heater blower unit in sanctuary The question is can I connect all three nest thermostats to one telephone nest app

Gill1 by Community Member
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Aprilaire Humidifier connected

Have an Aprilaire bypass humidifier connected to hot air gas furnace. Removed Aprilaire humidity control and wired Nest thermostat myself to control humidity instead, following this video: changed water feed to humidi...

threej by Community Member
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Nest Wiring

R and Rc wire used on old thermostat. New Nest only has R

Ralph by Community Member
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Heating schedule

For some reason the heating won’t come on now as per the schedule, the preheat doesn’t activate either. Has worked fine for a year but suddenly just will not activate since we had a recent power cut

Nest thermostat won’t connect to wifi

Hello, I have tried to restart/reset the nest thermostat and the app on the phone but I’m still having issues connecting to the internet. It won’t even show the internet name on the thermostat. All other devices are working with the wifi. I restarted...

Aimequin9 by Community Member
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My thermostat is in my summer home and we shut down completely for winter so no chance of pipes freezing or any damage. They are all drained. The safety keeps kicking on even though I have the heat off ? I dont want it to run and waste gas for no nee...

by Not applicable
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