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Nest Thermostats

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Nest e195 after power surge

Hi we had a power surge and it blew the fuses. Now my nest thermostat is giving me a e195 error. I did a complete reset and it is now saying that my ac is turned off. I am at my wits end. .. Update the battery was drained on the thermostat so I try t...

JWolff by Community Member
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E73 - wire missing

I think you can see my problem. Short cycling. The problem has been pinpointed to the Nest as everything with the unit is working fine. Drains are clear, filter is changed monthly and it’s clean, no ice buildup on pipes, condensate drain is dripping,...


E74 cod. No power rH wire

For 8 months my nest thermostat has working perfectly fine. Now it has the e74 error code and nothing is working. I’ve charged the thermostat, detached and reattached the rH wire. Not sure what else to do. It’s summer so ac is sort of a requirement.

Terpfan11 by Community Member
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Nest not responding to changes

Our nest has a mind of its own. We have deleted all schedules but the nest keeps cooling to 70 degrees at night. We have the unit set to 74 and this matched what is showing on the app. I even was as far to turn the setting to “off” and the the unit w...

Sbrognad by Community Member
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Thermostat spinning but not controlling the menus

This is my problem. My dial spins but nothing on the screen works. The screen is on but can't control the menus. It worked fine before a month ago. Now it only responds to the Nest app. But can't use the setup menu to change the WiFi settings. Can I ...

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